Attitude Inc's Billet Aluminum Air Cleaner Assembley kit features a Black Machined Billet Front Plate with an Exposed filter design that enhance air flow. Backing plate promotes smooth airflow into carburetor/throttle body . With Built-in internal crank case breathers and High Voloume Air Filter. 

Deep Cut Inverted Air Cleaner Filter Kit from Attitude Inc .The body of the air cleaner assembly is CNC machined from forged billet aluminum with an exposed design with an inverted top that serves as a velocity stock to increase air flow. The forged billet aluminum backing plate shares the Big Sucker design with hidden breather technology and a radius air inlet for smooth air flow. The hidden breathers use o-rings at the heads, and terminate at the throttle body to create a closed-loop system. The performance air filter that is included with this kit filters air from every angle with its 360 degrees of pleated medium.

CNC machined from forged billet aluminum
No external hoses or hardware needed
Black stainless steel jacketed inverted filters feature an inverted pleated top and 360° of pleated sides to pull in filtered air from every angle
Performance filters features a black synthetic filter element wrapped in a stainless steel jacket
Filter is water resistant eliminating the need for a rain sock


Harley Seventy Two 2012-2014

Harley Iron 883 2009-2014

Harley Forty Eight 2010-2014